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Sep 13, 2017
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Hacker Dojo 3350 Thomas Rd Santa Clara, CA
United States

Whether you work for a Japanese company, or have Japanese customers, joint venture partners, or investors, understanding Japanese culture and business practices is essential to your success. Building strong relationships and getting things done smoothly and efficiently depends on your knowing how best to communicate with Japanese and influence the decision-making practices in Japanese organizations.

This seminar is taught by a veteran consultant who has worked with Japan's major multinationals in a wide variety of industries including computers, semiconductors, video games, pharmaceuticals and autos. You'll learn key techniques for achieving good communication with Japanese, in a lively interactive session.

Topics to be covered include:

* Japanese communication style
* Why Japanese tend to be vague/ indirect - how to interpret what they mean
* Why Japanese don't give a lot of feedback
* Overcoming the language barrier
* How to confirm whether you've been understood correctly
* How decisions are made in Japanese organizations, and how to influence them
* Why Japanese avoid risk
* How to get your ideas accepted by a Japanese organization
* How to make meetings with Japanese more effective
* How to build strong working relationships with Japanese
* Japanese business etiquette for meals and other social situations
* What to keep in mind if you travel to Japan for business
* What most bothers Japanese about the Americans they work with

Instructor: Rochelle Kopp

Lunch included

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