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Mar 05, 2020
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Golkow Conference Rooms One Penn Plaza Suite 4205. (Please enter on 33rd Street) New York, NY 10119
United States

Do you have extensive knowledge of English but feel awkward speaking it?

Do you wish you could use English more effectively at work but avoid using it because you lack confidence?

Do you have trouble understanding spoken English?

Would you like to be better understood and have stronger relationships with your non-Japanese colleagues?

Do you find that your listeners seem to lose attention or get tired after you have been speaking in English for a few minutes?

Is there an awkward feeling between you and colleagues when speaking in English? 


Would you like to be able to communicate in English with more confidence, effectiveness and enjoyment?


This special Linguistic Coaching program will help you recognize and improve those areas of spoken English which are the biggest stumbling block to good communication.  Most participants begin to make improvement immediately and with some sustained effort can make great changes in their spoken communication, their ability to enjoy using English at the work place, and their relationships with their colleagues. 


Comments from previous Linguistic Coaching participants:

 “I was complimented by my supervisor after the first session.”

 “Why didn’t they teach us this before?!”

 “My colleagues are telling me they can understand me better.”

 “I am beginning to hear sounds I could never hear before.”

 “This is what I have always wanted.”


This Introduction to Linguistic Coaching program is an intensive half-day seminar to help you understand and improve the most important areas for better communication in English, including:

  • An practical overview of the sound system of English
  • Coaching on the proper pronunciation of sounds that interfere with being easily understood
  • Understanding and practicing characteristics of stress in English to create more natural sounding speech
  • Learning to recognize and approximate more closely the natural rhythms of native English which are very different from Japanese

The number of participants will be limited to 10 to ensure that each participant has the chance to get individualized guidance from the instructor.  The program is suitable for both new expats and those who have been here for many years.

The instructor, Paul Jaffe, has specialized training in comparative phonetics, and has developed unique skills and instructional methodologies for training Japanese speakers in proper production of English over a period of 30 years training Japanese businesspeople, professionals, and educators to communicate more effectively.


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