E-Learning: Japanese Culture and Global Business

We offer a wide variety of e-learning programs on Japanese and other global business cultures, in both English and Japanese, on topics ranging from understanding Japanese business culture to sexual harassment prevention.

Our e-learning courses are available for individual purchase from the links on this page. We also offer corporate licenses and can provide SCORM compliant files to be used on your company’s LMS system.

Many of our clients have also chosen to combine e-learning with either live sessions or webinars to create impactful blended learning solutions.

Here’s a selection of some of our best selling online courses:

E-Learning on Japanese Business Culture

Japanese Cultural Values

A 1 hour course on Japanese business culture for anyone who wants to understand the values that influence how Japanese do business and live their lives.

Japanese Business Culture Toolkit

This short course concisely covers the key things you’ll need to know, in five modules ranging from 11 to 21 minutes each. After finishing, you’ll feel prepared and confident for your next meeting, conference call or business trip.

Working Effectively with Japanese Counterparts

This is the equivalent in content of our 1 day classroom based Working Effectively with Japanese Colleagues, Partners and Customers. Each course has quizzes, self assessments, videos, further resources and a certificate of completion. The five courses in the bundle are also available on an individual basis:

    1. Japanese Etiquette
    2. Japanese Communication Style
    3. Japanese Work Style
    4. Japanese Decision-Making Style
    5. Building relations with Japanese Colleagues & Customers


E-Learning on Global  Business Cultures (in Japanese)

Success in Your Overseas Assignment

A 1 hour course for Japanese expatriate employees on how to make their assignment a success and overcome culture shock.

Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Harassment (for USA)

For over 20 years Japan Intercultural Consulting has provided sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training conducted in Japanese to Japanese-affiliated companies in the U.S. Responding to requests from our clients, we are now offering this online version.

Working Effectively in Multinational Teams

The 4 one hour interactive modules in this course enable Japanese expatriates or those Japanese working with overseas colleagues to overcome the communication gaps arising from cultural differences. Each module also offers tips for smoother communication and teamwork in virtual teams and contains quizzes, self assessments, videos, further resources and a certificate of completion.

The four modules are also available as individual courses:

    1. Diversity and workplace manners
    2. Communication
    3. Workstyles
    4. Decision making, leadership and risk


The list above is just a selection of our e-learning offerings, which we are continually expanding. View all our e-learning courses here:

A tour of our approach to e-learning

If you’d like to know more about the content of our e-learning courses on Japanese and other business cultures, please take a look at our 3 minute video  which explains how to navigate the “Working Effectively with Japanese Counterparts”  e-learning modules hosted on Teachable.com: