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Japan Intercultural Consulting is a global training and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. We help clients improve working relationships in multicultural environments. We provide cross-cultural awareness training seminars, management and communication skills training seminars, teambuilding programs, human resource management consulting, and executive coaching services. By working with us, our clients are better able to achieve their business goals. READ MORE...

Mar 05, 2019
St. John's Golf & Conference Center 44045 Five Mile Road Plymouth, MI 48170, United States

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Pernille Rudlin
Situational Leadership for Japanese managers
Mar 22, 2018 08:22 AM
by Pernille Rudlin

One of the issues that Japanese people who come to work in Europe find most challenging is the multiple nationalities of people they have to work with. European managers themselves find that the American model which works the best is known as “situational leadership”. [Read More...]

Pernille Rudlin
The #MeToo movement and the Japanese workplace
Feb 15, 2018 05:27 AM
by Pernille Rudlin

This interview in the Japan Times with a traumatized Japanese salaryman about the impact of #MeToo on his Japanese workplace (and his marriage!) resonated with many of us who have worked in Japanese companies. [Read More...]

Pernille Rudlin
Dealing with the demon Japanese customer
Feb 07, 2018 03:47 AM
by Pernille Rudlin

I thought Google Translate's Japanese to English had improved tremendously recently and it turns out this is indeed the case, since they introduced Neural Machine Translation in November 2017. This uses deep neural networks to learn how to cope with situations it has not seen before, and translate entire sentences rather than phrases and words.

[Read More...]

Pernille Rudlin
Japanese customers expect to get through to the tantosha or madoguchi, not a receptionist or voicemail when they call a supplier. [Read More...]

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