WORKING EFFECTIVELY WITH EUROPEANS – Online seminar (EMEA timezones) 25th October 2022

This seminar is designed to help Japanese gain a better understanding of their European colleagues’ behavior and gain skills for improving communications. A full outline of the contents is below.

We will use interactive techniques to make the session as lively as one of our live sessions. And indeed, we have been finding that Japanese participants can be more likely to ask questions in an online setting.

The session will be taught by Pernille Rudlin, Europe, Middle East and Africa Representative of Japan Intercultural Consulting.

This is a full day session, which will deliver the full contents of our usual in-person sessions.

Session contents:

The roots of cultural diversity in Europe

  • Building trust across cultures model
  • The history of European diversity
  • Impact of diversity on teamwork, communication and conflict
  • The influence of education systems
  • What are common European values?
  • Case study: Control over the environment

Corporate cultures, team and career development

  • What do Europeans find appealing about Japanese companies?
  • Professionals vs generalists
  • How Europeans view the workplace
  • Labour law and workplace regulations
  • Avoiding discrimination and harassment
  • Case study: role clarity


  • What do Europeans think about Japanese communication style?
  • Case study: verbal and nonverbal communication
  • What are the differences between American English/communication style and British/European communication styles?
  • The importance of small talk
  • Case study: Communication style and attitudes to conflict
  • Tips for meetings


  • The various leadership and decision making styles in Europe
  • Situational leadership
  • Servant leadership
  • Accountability and risk
  • Giving feedback
  • Coaching style

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Note: Direct competitors of JIC and their employees are not allowed to enroll in this seminar.