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Misako Onoda
Senior Consultant - Tokyo, Japan

Misako Onoda is dedicated to helping multinational companies and the individuals in them develop the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to overcome intercultural issues and succeed in globalizing their businesses. She is particularly skilled in working with Japanese companies as they evolve into global corporations. Misako has over 10 years of experience in finding out what people working on the front lines of global business need and what, if they had it, would help them work more effectively. Her experience and ability to size up situations comes from the breadth and depth of her work, not only with Japanese but with people in China, Southeast Asia, the Middle and Near East, Europe and America.

Misako graduated from Meiji University with a degree in French and a French Baccalaureate. She then worked for Korean Airlines before moving overseas for over 10 years, living in Seoul, Brussels, and New York. While living in Belgium she studied Sociology at the Free University of Brussels and trained at that university's Phonetics research institute. She has passed the Belgian government's highest level certification test in the French language. In addition to Japanese and French, she also speaks English and Korean. During her time abroad as a freelance journalist, she wrote about various political, social, and cultural topics for major Japanese publications. Among her many publications on Korean culture are two books—Wonderland Seoul and Korea (Chikuma Books, Hyoronsha Press), and Shokutaku a la Carte (Korean Gourmet a la Carte, also from Hyoronsha Press). Misako recently edited Chugoku de Seiko Suru Jinzai Management Manual (A Manual of Human Resource Management for Business Success in China, published by PHP Press) and has written extensively on the development of human resources for success in global business.

Misako creates training materials and leads seminars on a variety of topics such as developing a global workforce, preparing executives for overseas assignments, intercultural understanding, communication skills, and sexual harassment prevention. She is in demand as a speaker, and has recently given guest lectures at Ritsumeikan University, Hokkaido University, Tokyo University and other institutions in Japan.

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