About us

Our expertise

Japan Intercultural Consulting is the leading global training and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. We help clients increase profitability and employee engagement through improved communication and working relationships in multicultural environments. By working with us, our clients are better able to achieve their business goals.

Deep knowledge

Japan Intercultural Consulting has more than 25 years of expertise working with Japanese organizations as well as organizations from other countries doing business in Japan or interfacing with Japanese customers, suppliers, investors and partners.

We have consulted on a wide variety of situations that arise when Japanese and people from other countries work together closely. We have developed customized training, teambuilding, and coaching approaches that effectively address the issues that arise from different values, communication styles, and working practices.

Engaging delivery

Our seminars and teambuilding sessions are highly interactive, featuring discussions, case studies, exercises, role playing and action planning.

We believe that people learn best when they are highly engaged, so ours is never just another sleep-inducing seminar. We take pride in making our sessions compelling and impactful. We’ve also developed techniques that draw out even the most reticent participants.

Cultural sensitivity

All of our team members have extensive experience working in cross-cultural environments, and most are bilingual in Japanese and at least one other language.

We carefully ensure that our seminars and teambuilding sessions are comfortable and accessible for people from varying cultural backgrounds. In these sessions, you will see in action our deep expertise in bridging the cross-cultural divide as we help open channels of communication. All of our seminars and teambuilding sessions can be delivered fully in Japanese or bilingually.

Clear results

We firmly believe that cross-cultural training must address the real-life problems you are facing, rather than being abstract and theoretical.

Our work is practical and relevant, delivered by team members who are global businesspeople themselves. Our clients report noticeable improvement in productivity, workplace environment, and customer relations. See representative client success stories here.

Global coverage

With team members in Japan, North America, EMEA, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, we are ready to work with you wherever you are across the globe.

Adding deep insight about their own location, our team members leverage JIC’s proprietary and proven techniques and training materials to provide a consistently high-quality experience. This worldwide reach means we can take on globally coordinated projects, delivered locally in multiple locations.