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Polish Your Emails and Improve Your Writing Skills

Many Japanese and others from around the world have told us that writing sensitive and important emails and other documents is one of the most challenging aspects of their jobs.   Communicating the right nuances is difficult for anyone, and especially so for those who are not native speakers of English. 

Japan Intercultural Consulting is pleased to announce our new Writing Coach service, created in response to requests from our clients for a service to address this challenge. 

More personalized and targeted than a training session, this service provides each client with a dedicated business-savvy editor and teacher, who will polish his or her writing and help with mastering better writing techniques.  The coach not only improves what the client has written, leading to a better business result, but also explains the changes they have suggested, creating a personalized, hands-on learning experience.  It’s done through the convenience of email, with quick turnaround time that makes possible a rapid review of important messages, documents, presentations, and proposals.

 Our new Writing Coach service offers exactly this. It is easy-to-use and will immediately improve the quality of your staff’s writing.  It’s reasonable enough to use frequently.  And our first step in working with you includes a confidentiality agreement, so your staff can ask their Writing Coach to work on confidential materials without worry.

Clients can access their Writing Coach as often or as little as they like – as a regular part of their work, during an intensive period of skill-building, or when they are writing something particularly important or sensitive. 

For more information on our Writing Coach service, please click here or contact Ryan Pfeiffer at moc.l1656488831arutl1656488831ucret1656488831ninap1656488831aj@re1656488831ffief1656488831P.nay1656488831R1656488831 or 1-773-383-7417.

We hope you will take advantage of this convenient and helpful new service.

Praise for the Writing Coach from a current client:

Email editing not only solves my communication dilemmas, I’m also very satisfied with it as a learning tool.  Since my ability to write emails in English is getting better, I’m now more confident in my work.

          Current writing coach client, a Japanese manager working in the U.S.