Effective Meetings with Japanese Colleagues

Effective Meetings with Japanese Colleagues — Online, June 25th

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Do you ever wish that meetings with Japanese colleagues could be more efficient and effective?

Meetings are where much of the work interaction between Japanese and people from other cultures takes place, yet misunderstandings can often occur.

Different cultural assumptions about the purpose of meetings and how to conduct them, as well as the language barrier, can make meetings less than optimally productive.

This seminar will clarify your understanding of the Japanese decision-making process, and offers specific strategies and techniques for making meetings with Japanese colleagues, whether in-person or virtual, significantly more successful.


  • Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do in Meetings with Japanese
  • Typical Meeting Styles – U.S. and Japan
  • Understanding Japanese Decision-Making Processes
  • Tips for Americans:
    • Understanding Japanese Use of Indirectness
    • 10 Ways to Make Meetings More Accessible for Japanese
    • Overcoming the Language Barrier
    • Meeting Strategies
  • Conclusion: Japanese Meeting Etiquette

This session is taught by Sarah Fremerman Aptilon, who has deep experience bridging Japanese and U.S. culture. Read more about her background here.

Register for the workshop here.