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Ian Fallmann

Ian Fallmann

Senior Consultant

United Kingdom

Ian spent 21 years in Japan, 15 as Asia-Pacific Managing Director for Bloomberg, where he grew the business to a $400 million turn-over operation by 2003. He was responsible for 1,200 people in 18 countries and around 25 different nationalities. He reported directly to the company co-founder, Michael Bloomberg. Prior to his work at Bloomberg, he spent 2 years in a financial institution and 5 years working for Kobe Steel.

Ian is an accredited professional executive coach with 9 years’ experience and an advanced diploma in executive coaching. He has a track record of working with successful senior executives who want to:

  • develop the attitude and behaviors needed as a leader
  • help understand habitual patterns and broaden the style and range to move forward from previously rigid or stuck problems, situations and relationships
  • manage and lead in times of complexity, change and ambiguity
  • build leadership brand and gravitas

Ian has a B.A. in Economics from Sussex University. He is a non-executive director of a UK company and a Japanese business. He believes even the best can get better and coaching is about helping others to achieve their goals – something he parallels in his own life; Ian has successfully completed 20 marathons.