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Jillian Yorke

Jillian Yorke


New Zealand

Jillian Yorke was born in the UK and has lived in Japan since 1978. She received a B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature, and a Diploma in Criminology from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

She has undergone Critical Incident Stress Management training and been certified by the CISM Institute at the University of Maryland, and has also studied at ALC Institute, Tsuda Business School, and the Media Arts Academy in Tokyo. Her work experience includes being the founder and vice president of the International Golf Research Institute, and editor of and main writer for Japan Golf Report (the first English-language trade publication about Japanese golf). She has received several awards for translation and cross-cultural and linguistic skills. In addition to her affiliation with Japan Intercultural Consulting, Jillian is a freelance cross-cultural trainer, writer, translator, editor, teacher, and consultant, and also works for the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. She has co-authored two books with Rochelle Kopp, Eigo de Buntsu Shimasen ka? (How to Improve Your English Through E-Mail Correspondence) and Global Elite: Sekai de Seiko Suru Eigoryoku to Bijinesuryoku wo Mi ni Tsukeru Hoho (How to Work Well With Non-Japanese).