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Liza Maronese

Liza Maronese



Liza Maronese completed a Master’s degree in Japanese Language and Culture along with International Relations Studies at INALCO – the Oriental Language and Culture National Institute, established in 1795 and the premier educational institution in France for Japanese studies.

She since worked for three years in two organizations in Osaka, Japan. Firstly, she was a consultant at the French Trade Commission assisting French companies wishing to enter the Japanese market. She then joined Minerva-HD – an e-commerce Japanese company specialized in the outdoor sector – as a business developer. Since her return to France in 2011, she has been advising French companies such as Air France and Catalina Marketing on how to better understand the Japanese market, including maximizing their web marketing.

Liza is also the author of a book about Japan, Dictionnaire Insolite du Japon, published in 2009.

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