Mohita Modgill

Mohita 3

Mohita Modgill

India Representative

New Delhi / Mumbai, India

Mohita possesses 18 years of experience as a professional interpreter and a consultant for both the public and private sectors. She grew up in Japan and completed her undergraduate degree at York University in Canada. Since then, the majority of her professional career has been spent in India, where she has worked closely with Japanese and Indian corporate executives, business owners, and government representatives.

Mohita’s experience includes successfully establishing and developing the HR consulting division for one of Japan’s leading human resources recruitment firms in India. This role allowed her to closely collaborate with Japanese subsidiaries in India, assisting them in constructing organizational structures, localizing skill sets, and managing human resources effectively.

Mohita’s primary interest lies in understanding individuals and achieving an optimal balance between organizational objectives and personal growth goals. She firmly believes that training and educational initiatives are essential tools for realizing organizational goals driven by the growth of individuals, thereby enhancing the overall performance environment. In keeping with this, Mohita serves as a representative for the Government of Japan’s Skill Development Programs designed for Japanese companies operating in India.

One of Mohita’s strengths is her ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, regardless of the subject matter. She excels in fostering consensus when required and encouraging participation from various groups, including employees, business leaders, and governmental bodies. She is committed to fostering intercultural understanding and cultivating a curious mindset among her clients and their employees. This approach enables continuous personal growth, mutual understanding, and a thriving performance environment rooted in intercultural knowledge and harmony within organizations.