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Paivi Eskelinen

Paivi Eskelinen



Paivi Eskelinen holds an M.A. in International Communication from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia and an M.B.A. in IT Management from Aalto University, Finland. She is fluent in spoken and written English and Finnish.

Paivi has worked and lived in Europe and Asia for over fifteen years, including Japan, India and Australia. She has worked with both medium and large companies in global partner management, business development and cross-cultural coaching, including on projects such as introducing new products to international markets and working with global distribution channels. Currently she is engaged with consulting, coaching and training assignments for companies exploring opportunities in foreign markets.

Since 2007 Paivi has conducted corporate communication seminars in Finland, India, Ireland, Germany, and the UK. Her topics vary from Japanese culture to working with different Asian and European cultures.