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Rika Asaoka

Rika Asaoka

Australia Representative


Having lived in Japan, Australia and Malaysia for more than 30 years working as a Japanese language trainer, interpreter, consultant and senior marketing manager, Rika Asaoka has acquired an in-depth knowledge and experience across different cultures.

Over the years, she has worked with many multinationals across a wide range of sectors including motor, steel, manufacturing, trading, and service industries. Her clients have included National Panasonic, Toyota Motors, Hyatt Hotel, Nissan Motors, Sony, Ericsson, Proton, Mitsubishi Motors, Kawasho Steel Corporation, Inpex and Osaka Gas.

Rika strongly believes in a practical training approach with lots of interaction. Her experience as a professional in international corporations is confirmation that knowledge of the culture of another party of interest makes a huge difference in growing personal and business relationships. Her goal is to help Australians and Australian companies gain knowledge of Asian cultures to enrich their personal experiences and business interests, and to support Japanese companies in their activities in Australia.