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Ryo Ito

Ryo Ito



Originally from Tokyo, Ryo completed his undergraduate studies in economics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and then worked for a prestigious Japanese trading firm in Mexico for 14 years.

While working at the trading firm, he experienced the challenges of a workplace where Mexicans and Japanese work together, and he also came to understand the advantages of organizations that are able to skillfully incorporate cross-cultural elements.

In 2001, drawing on his trading firm experience, Ryo established his own consulting firm called Jetrac, specializing in external trade, customs processing, and other logistics. The firm currently counts several important Japanese marketing and manufacturing companies among its clients.

At one Japanese auto parts manufacturer in Mexico, when he detected a serious deficiency in its import control, he let the company know about the deficiency and participated in the process of correcting it, presenting a plan to improve the company’s internal organization and establishing a procedure manual to prevent the same problem from recurring.

Ryo has lived in Mexico for almost 40 years, and is fluent in Spanish, to the extent that he reads and provides interpretations of legal texts in Spanish on the subject of external trade. He is also fluent in business English.

Through his work experiences, Ryo has always reflected upon the frictions that can arise due to cultural differences between Japan and Mexico, and how that energy can be channeled in the right direction. Moreover, he has a profound understanding of business administration and the organizational theory needed to make companies more efficient through effective human resources management.