Stéphane E. Fouché

Stéphane E. Fouché


North Texas, USA

Stéphane E. Fouché was born in Montreal, Canada and raised in Haiti, then moved to New York at age 12 due to Haiti’s political instability.

Stéphane graduated from Harvard University with an A.B. in East Asian Studies. Utilizing the Japanese Education Ministry’s sponsored study-abroad scholarship – MEXT, Stephane studied for one year at Kyushu University.

During his time living in Japan, Stéphane interned/worked at Tokyo Gas, Active Learning, Rakuten, and Monex Securities, and became the youngest manager at From the Chairman’s Office, Stephane established the Strategic Partnership department in order to build a Global Partnership/Ecosystem program geared towards start-ups.

As the Expansion Manager for DMM.Africa, Stéphane oversaw the launch of the sponsored ABIC/African Business Idea Cups in Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania.

Before leaving, Stephane oversaw the organization’s Global Branding Strategy & Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

Currently, Stephane is the Honorary Representative of Harvard College Japan Initiative and the Representative Director of Komatsu Summer School. He serves as an advisor to the Ministry of Education’s MEXT Scholars Association, Taktopia Co., Ltd. and fabbit Co., Ltd. He is the Founder & CEO of the consulting firm HAKO, LLC focused on crisis management, branding and strategic partnerships.