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Warren Arbuckle

Warren Arbuckle


Tokyo, Japan

Warren Arbuckle, originally from Victoria, BC, Canada, has 25 years experience in Japan and is fluent in Japanese. He has spent the last ten years focusing on business innovation and managing projects including IT, medical education, sales team development, accreditation for global medical standards and collaborative relationship development.

Warren is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is experienced in managing and facilitating multicultural, multi-functional project teams. He has successfully managed multicultural projects with more than 1,600 members.

Since 1998, Warren has been providing consulting services along with customized training program development and instruction, in both English and Japanese, for project and risk management, strategic solution development, and business innovation. His training workshops expand and strengthen team communicative, collaborative and innovative thinking skills.

Warren has studied at the University of Victoria and at Waseda University in Japan. He is the author of two books in Japanese, one on innovative problem solving for teams and one on enhancing team communication and collaboration. He also holds a third-degree black belt in judo.