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Yumi Calderon

Yumi Calderon

Philippines Representative


A professional interpreter, Certified Advanced Cultural Intelligence facilitator, corporate trainer, and management consultant, Yumi Calderon has been working with Japanese and Filipino corporate executives, business owners, and government representatives for close to three decades. She is a Japanese national with management experience in marketing services, sales training, customer service, cross-cultural communication and administration, compliance, recruitment, and project management.

Yumi received her undergraduate degree and a graduate certification from the University of the Philippines focused on economics, mathematics, and education. Throughout her career, Yumi has worked in multicultural environments. While at Prumerica Life (Prudential Financial) she worked with colleagues from Japan, Korea and the U.S., and while at Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation she worked directly with the representatives of Sanwa Bank of Japan. She has served as a consultant for the Japan External Trade Organization, and has interacted with various cultures through her interpreting and consulting projects.

After leaving the corporate world, Yumi has continued her career as a seminar facilitator and coach for Japanese and Filipino companies to develop a better understanding of each others’ culture.

She is also active as a simultaneous, whispering, and consecutive interpreter for private corporations and government organizations in various fields and industries. Having been raised bilingually and in a multicultural environment, she has the ability to communicate and interpret delicate cultural nuances.

Yumi received her Advanced Cultural Intelligence certificate from the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC, as one of the first Japanese and the first in the Philippines to do so. Cultural Intelligence, known as CQ, is the capability to function effectively in a variety of cultural contexts including national, ethnic, organizational and generational. CQ is a predictor of success in today’s borderless world and is proven to enhance effectiveness in working culturally diverse situations. Yumi provides seminars, coaching, and recruiting advice utilizing CQ.