New GenAI tool to support managers: OnLoop demo session

New GenAI tool to support managers: OnLoop demo session

A manager’s job is not easy. Many managers feel overwhelmed with the many tasks on their plates, and there never seems to be enough time to support and develop team members.

As a manager, you probably have many things you would like to tell your team members – where you think they are doing well, and where you think they need to improve. What if there were a tool that could magically organize your thoughts and deliver clear, effective messages to your team members without your having to spend huge amounts of time coming up with the best wording?

OnLoop has created just that tool and at Japan Intercultural Consulting we think it’s so revolutionary that we are working with them to bring it to Japan.

OnLoop is a new tool that uses AI to make managers’ jobs easier and help them increase their team’s performance. It will help you identify and capitalize on your team members’ strengths, give specific feedback that addresses issues without demotivating, monitor team members’ motivation and energy, and ensure that team members’ efforts are aligned with your overall goals. All in an easy-to-use format that integrates seamlessly with your workflow and is not burdensome to either you or your team members.

Learn more about how OnLoop works in this demo session with OnLoop founder Projjal Ghatak. Japan Intercultural Consulting Managing Principal Rochelle Kopp will be the host for the session.

Demonstration session: Monday, June 10th, 4 pm JST. Registration here.

For more in-depth information about the management theory behind OnLoop, attend the Feedback Masterclass, also on Monday June 10th, at 6 pm JST. Registration here.