How to Keep Japanese From Falling Asleep in Your Presentation

The ninth presentation of our Succeeding in a Japanese Company telesummit is Michiko Schwab talking about How to Keep Japanese From Falling Asleep in Your Presentation. The presentation will be posted at 9 am Pacific on March 18th. To listen, please register at

Michiko began her career with stints at firms including Toppan Moore Systems and Itochu International, where she gained exposure to various aspects of the global operations of Japanese firms. Michiko has been a consultant and coach since 1998, focusing on cross-cultural communication training for both American and Japanese participants, and coaching to help clients become better leaders and communicators across culture. She also has experience coaching executives involved in M&A and other organizational transformations. She brings this deep experience and insight to bear for Japan Intercultural Consulting’s clients.

Presentations are a key part of life in a Japanese company, both internally and also when interacting with Japanese clients. They are also one of the venues where non-Japanese employees are most likely to interact with a wider group of people within the company, including more senior ones. When presenting to Japanese, it’s important to keep in mind Japanese cultural preferences about presentation of information, as well as the need to address the language barrier. We’ll discuss with Michiko how to prepare for a presentation to Japanese, what your PowerPoint deck should contain and what it should look like, how to manage the flow of the presentation, and how to read the reactions of Japanese participants.

During Michiko’s call you will discover…

  • Many non-Japanese complain about Japanese falling asleep in presentations or meetings. Are you really that boring, or is something else going on?
  • What Japanese love to see in a presentation
  • The difference between a Japanese and an American PowerPoint presentation
  • How and when to properly use graphical elements
  • Watch out – Can your presentation to be too slick-looking for Japanese tastes?
  • The difference in the type and quantity of information Japanese want in a presentation How a Japanese presentation differs from an American one in the order of topics and flow
  • Japanese pet peeves about how Americans give presentations that you need to know
  • When you get few questions and little discussion after your presentation, what does it mean? And how should you get feedback on how it was received?
  • Should you send presentation materials to Japanese before the presentation, or not?
  • Insider tips on how to make your presentation to Japanese hugely successful