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English learning

We feature tools that can help Japanese (and other non-native speakers of English) to make significant leaps forward in their language ability, including one-on-one coaching and lessons, immersive virtual-reality experiences, individualized micro-learning, and engaging on-demand content.

With so many options, we are able to offer something for every English level and learning style. Our support can make the difference in realizing your English-language objectives.


We offer customized one-on-one Business English lessons taught by highly experienced native speaker instructors, delivered using Skype or Zoom, and in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area. Designed to help you meet your professional goals, sessions will focus on topics such as giving presentations, giving directions, making requests, providing feedback, managing projects, and running meetings. You’ll get coaching on word choice, phrasing, and fluency, as well as the business content and how to handle cultural nuances. See how quickly you can progress with individualized attention.

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Combine language learning with local culture and information to make your relocation or business trip to the United States more successful, through our partner Apto Global’s unique platform. Scenario modules deliver authentic experiences of everyday life in your destination community, for learners of all levels. The realistic content focusing on situations in business and everyday life, featuring local people speaking in their usual manner, will help you prepare for real-life interactions in a way that goes beyond what is possible with a textbook. Study when and where you like, using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, and choose from live-action video, interactive audio and personalized transcripts for the combination of learning tools that works best for you.

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Improve your English in just 15 minutes a day with this unique microlearning program from our partner Gymglish. A lesson will be delivered each day to your email inbox, and you can study on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Each lesson will introduce you to a new chapter of an engaging story set in San Francisco, with a touch of humor, Business English, a variety of accents and more. Artificial intelligence will adapt each lesson to your needs and level.

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Smart Tutor

A cutting-edge way to improve your English — virtual reality! This way you can practice with a teacher who never gets tired, and polish your skills in an ultra-realistic immersive environment.

We have partnered with Plus One Japan, creator of a unique VR-based English-learning platform Smart Tutor, to offer exclusive training content created by Japan Intercultural Consulting’s Managing Principal Rochelle Kopp. Don’t just read about how best to communicate with non-Japanese team members, actually experience it! You can repeat exercises as many times as you like until you can express yourself with ease. Smart Tutor’s artificial intelligence gives you feedback each time on the fluency of your delivery based on several factors, and provides tailored suggestions for improvement. The combination of coaching and practice will make you much more confident.

Smart Tutor lessons feature common business scenarios and detailed settings that will make you feel that you are actually in an executive boardroom, presentation hall, or business dinner. The characters in the scenarios have a variety of accents including American, British, Australian, Indian, German and Chinese, to realistically reflect the range of speaking patterns you are likely to encounter in the real-life world of business.

Users of Smart Tutor report that time spent practicing English on the platform flies by, and feels more like playing than studying, but with valuable results: Testing shows significant gains in speaking ability. See for yourself how Smart Tutor can help you make strides in your business English competence:

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Native Check service

Conscious of the increasing number of non-Japanese visiting and living in Japan, organizations in Japan are adding English to signage, menus, pamphlets or other public information. We strongly applaud this trend. However we also note that the English used often contains misspellings, grammatical mistakes or poor word choices that make it difficult to understand, or in the worst cases unintentionally humorous.

Until now, there hasn’t been a place for Japanese organizations to go to get their English messages checked by a native speaker quickly, easily, and at a reasonable price. By establishing the Native Check service, we aim to provide a much-needed service. You can request a check by a native speaker for a single sign or other short text, or receive help with longer and more complex projects.

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