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Remote team management

Managing remote work and virtual teams was already a common issue for global companies and now the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more of a challenge for organizations. Remote work can be difficult even within the same culture, while value and style differences across cultures can add another layer of complexity.

Japan Intercultural Consulting has significant experience helping teams sharpen their skills for remote work, leading to strengthened collaboration. Our sessions cover the following topics:

  • Cultural differences in communication style that affect remote work
  • Addressing the concerns managers typically have about remote workers
  • Best practices for remote work
  • Setting your communication and software tools
  • Including the remote worker in the informal communication processes
  • Tracking progress and task management
  • Visualizing results – a challenge of remote work, and how to solve it
  • Effective teleconferencing and videoconferencing
  • Techniques for increasing team spirit when everyone is in different locations

We also offer a bilingual set of forms, policies, and guidelines in Microsoft Word for managing work-from-home employees. You can tailor these to your company’s situation.