Impactful Services

Executive teambuilding with action planning

This one-day to two-day session is designed as an intensive offsite activity for executive teams. It begins with our unique Group Mirror experience, which surfaces the group’s key issues in a culturally comfortable way, and examines their roots in cultural differences.

Then the group prioritizes these issues, and works together to develop action plans for addressing them, including “projects” to make specific improvements and “customs” that involve implementing new interaction patterns on an ongoing basis. At the end of the session, the group will have a concrete plan for making improvements that can result in immediate and long-term benefits. The contents can be customized to address specific situations such as post-merger integration, leadership changes, or shifts in the company’s strategic direction.

Every executive teambuilding and offsite we conduct is highly customized to the needs of the client. We design the session to take into account the company’s goals, the mix of personalities, cultures, and language abilities in the group, and the current issues and challenges it is facing. Our bilingual facilitators are highly skilled at making sure that conversations are smooth and productive, that everyone feels comfortable participating, and that there are clear outcomes the group can use moving forward.