Impactful Services

Organization and HR consulting

Your company’s human resources policies and programs create the scaffolding that supports the personnel who implement your operations. These aren’t, or shouldn’t be, musty tomes or formulaic boilerplate. The choices you make here send important messages about the things your company values, and what kind of relationship it wants with its employees.

Shaping your policies and programs to convey the right messages requires a knowledge of human resource management practices as well as a clear understanding of cultural differences.

Japan Intercultural Consulting combines knowledge of Japanese HR practices and organizational behavior with broad-based experience in all facets of talent management. These capabilities enable us to assist clients in building an HR management infrastructure that supports their business goals. We know what is important to cover and the legal implications of various choices, so we can help you to express your distinctive corporate culture through customized policies and programs.

Of course, we also draw upon our Japanese language and culture fluency to communicate effectively with Japanese team members and headquarters in Japan in developing your company’s approach to HR administration.

Some of the goals we can help clients achieve include:

  • Improving the company’s ability to recruit and retain high-caliber employees
  • Enhancing employee morale and productivity
  • Improving relations between expatriates and local hires
  • Designing cost-effective human resource management initiatives
  • Creating an environment in which employee lawsuits are less likely to occur
  • Assisting in the integration of acquisitions

Areas in which we can provide support include:

  • Performance evaluation systems – developing evaluation systems and training managers in their proper use
  • Job descriptions – helping companies develop descriptions that are accurate and effective
  • Compensation and benefit programs – designing total compensation plans that provide realistic rewards and recognition
  • Employee relations – counseling managers on how to handle specific employee-relations issues
  • Retention programs – helping companies identify the factors that promote unwanted turnover and develop strategies for minimizing them