Impactful Services

Leadership and management training

The actions of leaders and managers set the tone for an organization, and are particularly important in multicultural settings. We offer leadership and management training courses designed to help Japanese and non-Japanese managers and leaders further develop their skills, with an emphasis on “soft” skills such as conveying a clear vision, creating well-defined goals, and giving constructive positive – and negative – feedback.

Clients have shared our leadership and management training with newly promoted managers, employees preparing for promotion to management roles, and those holding longer-term management positions.

Our programs are designed to help participants clarify their personal leadership philosophy while developing the skills needed to motivate and guide team members. A key theme throughout is how to effectively manage diverse groups.

We use case studies which provide practical applications to typical situations that global leaders encounter and cover a wide range of leadership styles from situational leadership to cross-cultural leadership to servant leadership.

Japanese managers in particular find performance management and motivating non-Japanese staff challenging. They benefit from our performance management courses, which cover everything from goal-setting to conducting the performance review meeting, and give specific guidance for achieving clear communication with subordinates. Through practice exercises and role playing, participants increase their confidence in giving substantive feedback and addressing performance issues. They also learn how to increase motivation through sincere and detailed positive reinforcement.

Many of our consultants have worked in leadership positions in Japanese companies in Asia Pacific, Europe, Japan, Latin America and North America and can provide authentic insights into the challenges faced.

We have received consistently excellent feedback from our Japanese senior managers for the People Leadership and Performance Management courses delivered in Japanese that Japan Intercultural Consulting developed for us. They have always been responsive and proactive in improving and refining the training they offer us. There is clear expertise based on many years of dealing with Asian cultures which is demonstrated through both their design and their delivery.


David Fisher
Senior Director
Human Resources
Europe Department