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Writing Coach

Many Japanese and others from around the world have told us that writing sensitive and important emails and other documents is one of the most challenging aspects of their jobs. Getting across the right nuances is difficult for anyone, and especially so for those who are not native speakers of English.

Our Writing Coach service, born from requests by our clients, is designed to help with this challenge.

More personalized and targeted than a training session, this service provides each client with a dedicated business-savvy editor and teacher, who will polish his or her writing and help with mastering better writing techniques. The coach not only improves what the client has written, leading to a better business result, but also explains the changes being suggested, creating a personalized, hands-on learning experience. It’s done through the convenience of email, with a quick turnaround time that makes possible a rapid review of important messages, documents, presentations, and proposals.

How it works:

  • Register with us to begin using the service. We’ll both sign a brief agreement that includes a confidentiality protection clause, so you can ask your Writing Coach to work on materials that include confidential contents.
  • You will be assigned a Writing Coach. The coach will be a native speaker of English with excellent editing skills and business experience. Their editing will address spelling and grammar, as well as the appropriateness and impact of your writing in the business environment.
  • You’ll send the material to be edited to your Writing Coach by email, in a Microsoft Word document or PowerPoint file, or in a Google Doc.
  • Your Writing Coach will return the edited document within 36 hours (for documents under 5 pages, longer for more lengthy ones). The coach will edit the document using the track changes function so that you can see what has been changed. You will also receive explanations, using the Comments function, of why the changes were made. These explanations offer ideas that you will be able to apply the next time you write, leading to continuous improvement in your writing ability.
  • You can access your Writing Coach as often or as infrequently as you like – as a regular part of your work, during an intensive period of skill-building, or when you are working on something particularly important or sensitive.

We will invoice you monthly for all editing during that month, at our agreed-upon rate.

To subscribe to our Writing Coach service, please contact us here.

Praise from a Writing Coach client:

“Email editing not only solves my communication dilemmas, I’m also very satisfied with it as a learning tool. Since my ability to write emails in English is getting better, I’m now more confident in my work.”

– a Japanese manager working in the U.S.