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Locations   North America
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Latin America
Asia Pacific
North America   Rochelle Kopp, Managing Principal, Northern California, USA
Sarah Fremerman Aptilon, Senior Consultant, Kansas, USA
John Artise, Senior Consultant, New York, USA
Michael Bekins, Senior Consultant, Southern California, USA
Andrew Bender, Senior Consultant, Southern California, USA
Cherryl Chow, Facilitator, Northern California, USA
Jim Colby, Senior Consultant, Northern California, USA
Susan Doctors, Advisor, Illinois, USA
Steven Gan, Consultant, Illinois, USA
Heather Harlan, Consultant, New York, USA
Frederick Stimson Harriman, Consultant, Northern California, USA
Hiroshi Iwasaki, Michigan Representative, Michigan, USA
Bryan Jacop, Senior Consultant, Northern California, USA
Paul Jaffe, New York Representative, New York, USA
Elizabeth Floyd Mair, Consultant, Upstate New York, USA
Ryo Matsuyama, Georgia Representative, Georgia, USA
Michael William McKenna, Executive Consultant, New York, USA
Mary Alice O’Brien-Mecke, Consultant, Michigan, USA
Teruko Nesbitt, Cincinnati Representative, Ohio, USA
Chiyoko Ono, Consultant, Northern California, USA
Sameek "Miki" Ray, Consultant, Connecticut, USA
Daniel Schmitt, Consultant, Wisconsin, USA
Michiko Schwab, Consultant, New Jersey, USA
Tim Sullivan, Senior Consultant, Hawaii, USA
Judy Thompson, Consultant, Northern California, USA

Kazutaka Yamamoto, Japan Representative, Tokyo, Japan
Warren Arbuckle, Consultant, Tokyo, Japan
Ad Blankestijn, Consultant, Kobe, Japan
Nitin Datar, Facilitator, Aichi, Japan
Kate Elwood, Facilitator, Tokyo, Japan
Meiying Huang, Facilitator, Miyagi, Japan
Helen Iwata, Facilitator, Tokyo, Japan
Tak Kawasaki, Senior Consultant, Tokyo, Japan
Tim Keeley, Facilitator, Fukuoka, Japan
Adam Komisarof, Facilitator, Tokyo, Japan
Kimi Komisarof, Facilitator, Tokyo, Japan
Sunil Kulkarni, Facilitator, Tokyo, Japan
Yuko Morimoto, Facilitator, Tokyo, Japan
Patty Nameishi, Consultant, Tokyo, Japan
Misako Onoda, Senior Consultant, Tokyo, Japan
Xiao-rui Zhang, Facilitator, Tokyo, Japan

Europe, Middle East and Africa  

Pernille Rudlin, Europe, Middle East & Africa Representative, United Kingdom
Aino Bender-Minegishi, Consultant, Germany
Cécile Buckenmeyer, Senior Consultant, France and United Kingdom
Alex Fernández de Castro, Consultant, Spain
Paivi Christian, Consultant, Finland
Cindy Baker, Consultant, UK
Ian Fallmann, Senior Consultant, United Kingdom
Julia Heinrich, Consultant, Germany
Emma Johnson, Consultant, United Kingdom
Liza Maronese, Consultant, France
Chie Misumi, Senior Consultant, Netherlands
Claudia Romberg, Senior Consultant, Germany
Haruko Sagawa, Consultant, Italy
Alice Tomásková, Consultant, Czech Republic
Panna Zsigmondi, Consultant, Hungary
Justin Wolff, South Africa Representative, South Africa

Latin America   Akihisa Hirose, Mexico Representative, Mexico City, Mexico
Ayako Hashimoto, Consultant, Mexico
Ryo Ito, Consultant, Mexico
Cynthia A. Kaplan, Advisor, Mexico City, Mexico
Kazuko Nagao, Consultant, Mexico
Kristine Menn, Consultant, Brazil
Marian Moya, Consultant, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miwa Pierre, Consultant, Mexico
Yoshiko Muto, Brazil Representative, Brazil
Asia Pacific   Jillian Yorke, Facilitator, New Zealand

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